the switch 2.0

Fluffy“Sam, women, they’ve got this internal, bio-generated switch. Now the switch can take on many forms. They can turn off the talking, the attention, the caring, the engagement, the love–almost anything you can think of.  And this is all done with the cool emotion of a hooded executioner. That’s why most brozios walk around in a cloud of confusion, asking each other ‘What? I don’t understand what happened. One minute we were in love, the next minute I asked for the water…and that was it.’ I know, it makes no sense at all, right? I don’t really think it makes much sense to them either, but it’s there. It’s like this overwhelming biologically unit takes over all logic, all common sense. Sam, you must have said something. Maybe as you asked for the water you threatened to cut off her allowance; maybe you said her sister wasn’t what you considered sister-in-law quality; maybe you insulted her best friend. You must have done something wrong. I mean, where there is smoke, there is fire, right? And it sounds like you must have done something extraordinarily wrong at that. ”

“No. I did say please, though.”

“Well, that’s it!  Maybe she doesn’t like to hear the word please; maybe that’s something you need to work on; maybe you are the one with the problem, my friend?  You and your please. Sam, really?”

“You know, Buddy, sometimes your sarcasm can be so annoying.”

Sweet, tasty words are music to our eyes