the switch



“Buddy, I dunno what happened. This is so strange. You won’t believe it. This is incredible. I can’t believe it. This is amazing.”

“Sam, Sam, Sam. What is so amazing? I feel like I’m listening to an advertising teaser. Ya know, when you’re told that the upcoming news or information is going to revolutionize your world. This ought to be good; no, fantastic; no, static removing. Tell me now, what is this news you have that is going to change the way we live, as if anything is going to change the way I live?  I’ve got it pretty good now the way I have it?”

Roger walks around in a small circle and sits down to get comfortable. He pushes the extra cushion away from the green one, the one that matches the sofa next to the furnace. Too many cushions to be comfortable, but Amy likes them the way they are. “Well, she just stopped talking. She just doesn’t talk any more. Don’t know what I did; but, it was enough to make her angry enough to give up on any verbal communication.”

“Roger, I don’t understand. She just up and stopped talking? Completely? Not a word? No sound? Not a grunt? Nada?  You are the man, Sam! Do you know how many times I’ve tried to get my bruzias to stop talking. I’m saying no talking. Not a word. Okay, I would settle for a low murmur.”

“Buddy, you don’t understand. She just flipped the switch off.”

“Oh, no. The switch?”

“Yeah, the switch.”

“Man, you didn’t tell me she turned off the switch.”

“Budd, what is the switch? My sister just said that woman sometimes turn off the switch. When I asked her to explain, she said to just pass the potatoes; that there were some things, as a woman, she could not divulge, or even begin to explain. She said that only bruzias know how it works because there is supposedly a code that goes along with it. Whaaat?”

“Okay, my cousin Bob was a real brozio, ya know, until his roomy’s girlfriend thought it would be a great idea to have his cojones taken from him at six years old. Since that happened, he has such insight to the bruzia world. Anyway, he explained the switch to me. It’s not really that complicated. Well, if you know what it is, you’ll understand how it works. Bob said it goes something like this…

…to be continued

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