She just hangs up.2


“Okay, Gary, I don’t know why Gwen feels the need to avoid conversation.  Let me give you an example derived from my personal experience.  When I was dating this bruzia down in the center of town, she did not like to talk face-to-face. So, I suggested she send me a card, hand-delivered.  I didn’t really care that it was hand-delivered or not–I just wanted her to work a little.  I guess you could say I was toying with her; having a little fun.  You can say I really didn’t see it as serious by then, or I would have sat down a for a pointed little meeting with her.  I did, at one point, try to get her to call me early for a wake up call so that I could quickly grab the phone and start a conversation.  She allowed the phone to ring until I picked it up, then she hung up–blipped out.  We eventually started seeing each other less and less. I just couldn’t communicate with her; she obviously did not want to talk to me.  That’s all I have left of the memories of Tracy.”

“So it sounds like you’re saying that I really have no chance of getting this girl to communicated with me?”

“No. What I’m saying is that she may have commubia: it’s just that phobia of talking with someone face-to-face. Ever meet someone who cannot seem to look at you straight in the eyes? Well, that’s a form of commubia. A full-blown case would be when that same person can only talk to you through text message, through a door, loudly through a wall, from behind a counter, or some other sort of veil. Though you get irritated, understand that she may have a serious condition–it’s hard to say what it is. And, as I said, there are clinics and support groups for that sort of thing.”

“What should I do?”

“If you truly want this to work, and enjoy being with her, talk to her about it, and be patient. Everyone’s got something.”

“Wow! I never knew.”

“Or, consider that she may not really want to talk to you.”


“Just saying…”

Sweet, tasty words are music to our eyes