buddy dog adviseI get into so much trouble with honesty. I try to explain to my family and close friends that if they want to really know me, they must know my honesty first. But many don’t seem to understand this very old, very simple concept. I guess it’s for me, an emotional lazy person. If I were to lie, that would take so much energy, so much thought to construct every detail, and fashion it, acceptable, to whomever I am talking with at that particular moment. Being honest takes no real effort on my part, but a momentary thoughtful pause, then the considered idea expressed in discussion.  I have a close friend who asked that I assist her in saving money–no contribution on my part, just an emotional supportive ear and an occasional suggestion. Well, she just spent one-hundred and fifty dollars to dye her hair. I asked her to explain to me how this is moving her closer to her objective to save more money.  She said sometimes I just want a “looks nice.” white terrier pup

“A looks nice is not going to get you any closer to saving your money,” I responded.

“Okay, forget the support. I don’t need it afterall.”

Is that guilt she is expressing? Is that anger? Or, is it simply a childish response by a young women who never really wanted anything but emotional strokes to make her feel momentarily good about a dream of saving more money?


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