Little Richie 2

Richie.puppy“This is not as hard as you might think, but it will take some effort on your part. Next time you see Jeanna, tell her you love her. You see, women, bruzias, just love this. It moves them into that psychologically fulfilled state that they were designed for. Once they are there, they feel comforted, loved, appreciated, validated–all the things that bruzias and brozios need. Remember, it’s all about what we all need; and, it’s about what the other needs, not what we think they need. That’s the problem with most people, women and mens alike: they believe it’s all about you knowing what the other needs instead of what the other really needs. Listen to them, and if it’s not completely out of sink with what is normal and logical, then do it. Another problem that may come into play, and this is where most get into trouble, is when the other becomes conditioned to asking and receiving everything. It becomes a habit, and that habit can become a thorny patch in a relationship. Sad to say, this condition starts with conditioning the other to receive; which begets entitlement. Once they are at that stage, it’s pretty much over for you, my friend. If they don’t get it, then in their minds, you don’t love them anymore.  This is an extreme outcome, but one that has happened time and time again. So you really need to handle this one with care. Remember, you got what you bought–and they don’t take returns.”

Sweet, tasty words are music to our eyes